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The status of SRS records changes in the log display based on later data import jobs



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      Changed this ticket into a spike; depending on results, may create a new ticket for the actual hot fix

      Overview: I loaded a set of records and they were all marked create. I then overlayed one of those records with single record import. Later, I reviewed the log of the original job. The status of the record created in that job had been changed to "updated".

      Current workaround:

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into iris bugfest
      2. Go to Data Import and import a small file of MARC records, using the Default profile for Creating instance and SRS MARC Bibs
      3. Once the import finished, review the log to see that all records are marked created.
      4. Note the HRID of one of the records in your file
      5. Go to Inventory and find that instance
      6. Copy that Instance's OCLC number (if overlaying from OCLC) or LCCN (if overlaying from LC), and then select Action/Overlay, to overlay othat instance with single record import
      7. Review the original log file from step 3

      Expected Results: Log file still contains the same information it had when the job completed

      Actual Results: The log file updated to reflect the actions of later jobs

      Additional Information: https://bugfest-iris.folio.ebsco.com/data-import/job-summary/9f735888-243e-447e-b1da-58b708087674?sort=recordNumber

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