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MOD: Create jobs with match profiles that include records with 999 fields cause errors in the srs-instance relationship



    • Folijet Sprint 114, Folijet Sprint 115
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    • R1 2021 Hot Fix #1
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      Ann-Marie misunderstood the bug the first time around, resulting in the long comment- updated the repro steps to make it more clear. Devs - could someone review and maybe try to repro?

      Workaround: Delete the 999 ff before importing

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO snapshot
      2. Create a data import job
        • Match profile: MARC 001 to Instance HRID
          • For matches: Stop
          • For non-matches, Create a new instance (and SRS MARC)
      3. Export a small file of MARC records from FOLIO, using the default export profile
      4. Import a file of records using that job that has been previously exported from FOLIO so that the records have 999 fields from the FOLIO you are using.

      Expected Results:
      Data import takes no action because all the HRIDs match existing records. The records behave normally.

      Hi jenncolt and OleksiiKuzminov - please see the long comment below and the attached files

      • MODDATAIMP-426.mrc is the original MARC file to be imported
      • MODDATAIMP-426export.mrc is the MARC file after it was exported from snapshot-load
      • MODDATAIMP-426.mp4 (2 parts) is the video walking through the whole process

      Actual Results:
      The link between the instance and the SRS for the records in your import file is broken.. The SRS can no longer be edited in Quick MARC.

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