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Bugfest: MARC updates for selected fields is not working



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      Overview: On Honeysuckle Bugfest, a job that 1) matches the MARC 999 ff $s to MARC 999 ff $s and updates selected fields and 2) matches 001 to Instance HRID and updates the instance completed with errors

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Honeysuckle Bugfest as abreaux/admin
      2. Go to Data import and import the attached file T62466A-M.mrc using the secret button, to create an SRS MARC and Instance
      3. Open the MARC file T62466A-M rev.mrc in MARCedit, and replace the 001 with the new Instance HRID and the 999 ff $s with the new SRS UUID and $i with the new Instance UUID. The file has other edits in various fields, some of which should import and some of which should not
      4. Upload the file and apply the job profile T62466 - CW testing MARC updates on 001 which should
        • Match the 999 ff $s to the MARC SRS 999 ff $s
        • Make updates to the MARC SRS 020, 245, and 650 fields, but not other MARC fields
        • Match the 001 to the Instance HRID
        • Make updates to the Instance Status, Statistical terms, and Nature of content fields, plus the updated MARC fields should show in the Instance
      5. Check the import log to see if it succeeded or failed
      6. Check the instance to see if it was updated
      7. Check View source to see if the SRS MARC was updated

      Honeysuckle Bugfest profiles used in this import:

      • Job: T62466 - CW testing MARC updates on 001
      • Match 1: T62466 - CW testing MARC updates on 999 ff $s
      • Action 1: T62466 - CW testing MARC update another new field mapping profile
      • Field mapping 1: T62466 - CW testing MARC update another new field mapping profile
      • Match 2: T62466 - CW testing MARC updates on 001
      • Action 2: T62466 - CW testing instance updates
      • Field mapping 2: T62466 - CW testing Instance update

      Expected Results:

      1. The specified fields on the existing SRS MARC should be updated, and unspecified fields should not be updated
      2. The corresponding fields on the instance, plus 3 other non-MARC fields on the instance should be updated

      Actual Results: The import fails

      What needs to be confirmed

      1. Is the job profile set up properly to accomplish what I laid out in Step 4 of the description?
      2. Why isn't it working? Is it related to the action profiles maybe not being linked properly to the job profile, or something else?

      Additional Information: See attached video and MARC files. When reviewing the job profile, I realized that the action profiles look like they are linked to the job profile, but when you view the details of the action profile, you don't see a link to the job profile. I wonder if that might be part of the issue? I tried creating a new job profile and re-linking everything, T62466 - AMB testing MARC updates on 001, but the import still failed.

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