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Add capability to remove jobs that are stuck in "Running" area of Data Import landing page first pane



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    • Q3 2020
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      Purpose: Sometimes jobs get stuck in the Running area of the Data Import landing page, when modules crash. They never finish, and they never disappear. We need a way to remove them from that area of the landing page. This story reuses most of the functionality we use when deleting a file that was not supposed to be uploaded. See scenario 2 of UIDATIMP-38


      1. When user presses trash can/delete icon on the Running job card, Frontend will wait 10 seconds (to allow time for undo) and then send a Stop/Fail message to the backend
      2. Backend stops or fails the job and confirms status to front end
      3. Frontend adds the stopped/failed job to the top of the job log with appropriate status (Completed with errors or Failed) from backend

      Per OleksiiKuzminov we can do 1 and 2 below in the scope of this story. Step 3 will need to wait until the Rollback feature (UXPROD-1383)

      • Step 1: Stop and mark as error (secret button and PubSub profiles)
      • Step 2; Stop and delete/rollback all related records - MARC, Instances, Holdings, Items) (secret button only, since it only creates SRS MARC and Instances)
      • Step 3: Stop and delete/rollback all related records (for PubSub profiles, across all apps, create/modify/update) Note that Creates will be easier than Modifies or Updates

      Hi OleksiiKuzminov Question from A-M - if there are stuck jobs now, once this change is made, will they reflect the new UI and be able to be removed? Do we need a separate story for migrating existing stuck jobs to a format where they can be killed/removed?

      abreaux Test scenario 4 from UIDATIMP-651 when this Jira is finished

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