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MSU bug: Instance updated by quickMARC does not show changes



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      Overview: Loaded the same file into 3 different Goldenrod environments. Updated the same MARC record using quicMARC in each environment, then checked to see if the change shows in the associated instance. It does show in 2 environments, but not in MSU's. All 3 environments have hotfix 2 deployed.

      Current workaround: NONE

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into hosted goldenrod https://folio-goldenrod.dev.folio.org as diku_admin
      2. Log into Bugfest Goldenrod https://bugfest-goldenrod.folio.ebsco.com as abreaux/admin
      3. Log into MSU Dry run 2 https://msu-dryrun2.folio.ebsco.com as cattest/ChesireCat1!
      4. For each of the 3 environments, go to Inventory and search for the title: The making of a protest movement in Turkey. If there is more than 1 copy of the instance, choose the one with last updated date of 9/30/2020.
      5. Choose Actions/Edit in quickMARC, and make a change to the 245 field. Make the same change in all 3 environments
      6. Save the updated record
      7. Go to Actions/View source - check to see if the change appears in the title field
      8. Close the View source record
      9. View the details of the Instance in Inventory - check to see if the change appears in the title field

      Expected Results: The instance and View source should show the quickMARC updates within a few seconds of the quickMARC edits being saved.

      Actual Results: View source shows the changes quickly in all 3 environments. Instance shows the changes in Hosted Goldenrod and Bugfest Goldenrod, but not in MSU dry run 2.

      Additional Information: See attached video (2 parts). Note that the MSU user has limited permissions, but the BugFest and Hosted Goldenrod have full permissions. Could that make a difference? MSU user should have all permissions needed for Inventory, quickMARC, and Data Import.

      Interested parties: stephaniesbuck marka Raegan Wiechert brookstravis

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