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View source, Instance, and edit in quickMARC get out of sync after several edits



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      Overview After multiple edits and saves in quickMARC, the Instance and View Source views of a record are out of sync with each other. View Source seems to stop being updated after a few edits, but the Instance is still being updated.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      2. Use data import and the secret button to import the attached file: DemoFile4.mrc
      3. Go to Inventory
      4. Find the title African American philosophers and philosophy and view the Instance details
      5. Click Actions/Edit in quickMARC
      6. Make the various edits described in 1-quickMARC edits.pdf, in the sequence listed in the document
      7. After each edit, save the MARC record
      8. After each edit, view the Instance and View Source to make sure the edits are displaying properly

      Expected Results: These three screens should always stay synchronized:

      • Edit in quickMARC (before any edits are made)
      • The Instance details (as managed by the MARC Bib-Inventory Instance default map)
      • The MARC record displayed from the Instance Action/View source

      Actual Results: Edit in quickMARC and the Instance details seem to stay in sync. View source gets out of sync after a few edits.

      Additional Information: See attached screenshots showing differences in the 3 screens

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          1. 1-quickMARC edits.pdf
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          4. 4-Edit in quickMARC.pdf
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          5. DemoFile4.mrc
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