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HRID/001/003 handling in SRS for MARC bib records: Modify/Update



    • Folijet Sprint 96, Folijet Sprint 97, Folijet Sprint 98
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    • Q3 2020


      Note that this logic only applies to new SRS records created after initial migration, and includes the following assumptions:

        • Initial migration will not be handled via Data Import
        • Any pre-existing HRIDs will be mapped and handled during initial data migration
      • When the Data import action = Modify or Update and the incoming record matches an existing SRS MARC record
        • If the incoming record's 001 matches the 001 in the existing SRS MARC record, then do not make any changes to the 001 or 003 fields of the incoming record
        • If the incoming record's 001 does not match the existing SRS MARC record, then update the 001, 003, and possibly 035 to match the previous version of the record in SRS (that is, move the 001 data to an 035, prefixed by 003 data in parentheses, and make sure the Instance HRID is in the 001 field)

      Does this already happen, or do we need to make some sort of change to make it happen? The key thing - we need to make sure the current version of the SRS MARC always has the Instance HRID in 001
      Per Oleksii, we already have this logic for 001/035, would just need to add the 003 behavior
      Need to make additional checks in 001 field to compare new and previous SRS, in case just comparing to instance HRID is not enough
      If 001 is not HRID, we take the Instance HRID from the existing instance and put in 001, and move the previous 001 to 035.


      • HRID handling for MARC Bib records when action is Create is described in MODSOURMAN-206
      • Separate stories for HRID handling for MARC Bibs in MARCcat (MODCAT-136) and for Instances in Inventory (MODINV-160)

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