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Single record imports show the incorrect record number in the summary log 1st column



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      Overview: When a record was part of a previous multi-record import, and is then updated via single record import, the wrong record number shows in the log for the Inventory single record import

      Current workaround: none

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Lotus Bugfest
      2. Go to Data Import and find a completed job that had lots of records in it
      3. Click on the file name for that job to see a list of the records
      4. For any record except the first one in the file, click on the "Created" or "Updated" hotlink for the Instance to go to the instance detail record in Inventory
      5. Check the Identifiers section of the record in Inventory to see if there is an OCLC number
        • If yes, copy the OCLC number, and note the row number (record number) from the Import log summary
        • If no, go back to the log or a different log and keep looking until you find one
      6. From the Instance detail view, select Actions/Overlay source bibliographic record
      7. Change the target from Library of Congress to OCLC
      8. Paste the OCLC record number and import it
      9. Confirm that the Instance updated date/time changes to the current date/time
      10. Go to the Data Import app
      11. Click on View all to see all the most recent import logs
      12. Find the most recent log for No file name and Job profile = Inventory Single Record - Default Update Instance
      13. Click on no file name to see the import summary
      14. Check the record number in the first column of the log summary

      Expected Results: Record number in the log summary should be 1

      Actual Results: Record number in the log summary is the same that it was in the multi-record import log

      Additional Information: See attached video

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