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One-record OCLC (Create) Data Import takes over 9 seconds - Morning Glory



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      On Juniper, Kiwi, and Lotus Snapshot, one-record OCLC (Create) Data Import takes over 9 seconds to complete.  PTF analyzed all the calls in mod-copycat and concluded that data import itself was taking over 7 seconds.

      mod-copycat makes the following calls to create a one-record (Create) import job:

      1. POST /mod-source-record-manager/change-manager/jobExecutions
      2. PUT  /mod-source-record-manager/change-manager/jobExecutions/<jobId>/jobProfile
      3. POST /mod-source-record-manager/change-manager/jobExecutions/<jobId>/records
      4. POST /mod-source-record-manager/change-manager/jobExecutions/<jobId>/records

      These calls return within hundreds of milliseconds. In one of our sample runs, the 2nd call takes nearly 300ms and the 3rd call takes over 500ms.

      After the 4th call was made, there are two calls that were issued to poll the status of the job.

      GET /mod-source-record-storage/source-storage/source-records?snapshotId=<jobId>

      This call takes about 3.5s to return.  mod-copycat on average makes this call twice, which means that data import modules take at least 7 seconds to complete.  

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO (https://pre-kiwi-cap1.int.aws.folio.org)
      2. Perform the 1-record OCLCL import, see steps in PERF-213

      Expected Results

      • The import should return within a couple of seconds at most.

      Actual Results:

      • The import takes around 9+ seconds.

      Additional Information: See PERF-213 for complete analysis.

      Also, related issue is MODSOURCE-471, but it should be fixed after this issue is fixed.

      (Not sure in which project to create this issue, so please assign it to the correct project if necessary. It's definitely not a UI issue.)

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