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Data import encounters 404 error for record already created



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      Environment: Kiwi with HF1

      Since upgrading to Kiwi we have seen a couple of cases where data import gets a 404 for a record it has already created and then the link between instance and srs is not saved even though both records have been created and have the same uuid.This usually happens when the system is under load.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into the Cornell production tenant.
      2. Start a medium sized load (2k) that will create records during a busy time of the day.

      Expected Results:

      1. Records are created that have both instances and SRS. The instance and the SRS is linked together.
      2. The inventory records are source MARC and the records can be edited with Quick MARC.

      Actual Results:

      During the load there is a message:

      17:53:13.117 [vert.x-eventloop-thread-1] INFO LogUtil [1098960632eqId] GET /source-storage/records/bd26a8c9-e381-47e7-a4fa-718c4b9d87fa/formatted idType=INSTANCE HTTP_1_1 404 75 2 tid=fs00001034 Not Found

      17:53:13 [480933/source-storage] [fs00001034] [39528089-4b51-4b66-84fc-32777296ab16] [] INFO ProxyContext 480933/source-storage RES 404 6280us mod-source-record-storage-5.2.7 http://mod-source-record-storage-b.kcnl.folio-eis.us-east-1:8051/mod-source-record-storage/source-storage/records/bd26a8c9-e381-47e7-a4fa-718c4b9d87fa/formatted?idType=INSTANCE

      17:53:43.383 [vert.x-worker-thread-1] INFO KafkaEventPublisher [1098990898eqId] Event with type: DI_ERROR and recordId: bd26a8c9-e381-47e7-a4fa-718c4b9d87fa was sent to the topic kcnl.Default.fs00001034.DI_ERROR

      And yet both an instance and srs record with id bd26a8c9-e381-47e7-a4fa-718c4b9d87fa were created during the job. The data import log page shows created only for srs and blank for the instance. The resulting instance says source=marc but the srs is not linked to it.

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