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035 created from 001/003 is not working in SRS record when using a MARC Modification action in Data Import Job Profile (Lotus BF)



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      035 created from 001/003 isn't working correctly. Only the 001 is being used to create the 035 and this newly created 035 isn't in the right place in the SRS record when the Data Import job profile to create an instance includes a MARC modification. It seems when there is only 1 Marc modification, the created 035 is next to the other 035s. When there is more than once marc modification, then the 035 is after the 010 and before the 040 and not with the other 035s.

       This was seen in bugfest kiwi.

      Steps to reproduce:

      Create a job profile with no matches.

      Action Profile: MARC Modification

      Linked mapping profile: MARC Modification mapping where you delete an 029 field. (I tested this with several marc modification mapping profiles and the results in the same).

      Action: Create Instance

      Linked to mapping profile: For testing, I just put in an empty mapping.

      Import the attached MODSOURCE-447.mrc file

      Expected results:

      The marc modifications are made and the 035 is created from the 001 and 003 and in the right order or next to the other 035s.

      Actual results:

      The marc modifications are made. The 035 only has the data from the 001 and not the 003 and isn't in the correct order or with the other 035s.

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