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Prepare SRS for integration with Inventory app



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      Taras_Spashchenko please reconfigure into a proper MOD story or create any additional stories that need to be linked to this. Goal is to have this in place on both the SRS and Inventory sides by the end of Q1. If some of the Data Import apps are turning into Core apps, that means the Q1 release deadline moves up from 25 March to 15 March

      From nielserik's notes in Slack:

      We've now discussed with Jakub what needs to happen for ui-inventory to display MARC records from the new storage and we think this covers it:

      • Create Jira ticket for moving the module that holds the source records (SRS?), to core (together with the modules it itself may depend on)
        • Taras_Spashchenko moved to core spreadsheet; no other dependencies for SRS; anything else needed?
      • The required version(s) must be released of course
      • Move the module (and the modules it depends on) from external to core in the spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iSoOVE7ZsvaYWLHU7v_njAOrqgNV6dABnLK-wnUWrcI/edit#gid=0
      • The Q1 release spreadsheet should be updated with the release information for these module(s). This information is used to verify that provided versions and required versions of all APIs match up for the Q1 build.
      • (Reason for moving it to core: in order for ui-inventory to fetch data from the source record storage, ui-inventory must declare that as a dependency, and – in turn – the record storage must be in core, since daily builds using core modules will otherwise fail on unfulfilled API dependencies. )
      • Identify the release version that supports the feature ui-inventory should use. We can put a comment about the API and API version in UIIN-518 for reference.
      • Provide the URI to use for fetching the MARC source for an Instance. We can put a comment about that URI in UIIN-459 "Display of rich source record stored in Source Record Storage (SRS)". (this obviously requires that ui-inventory already has the pieces of information needed to create the unique URI. If building the URI requires information not yet available to ui-inventory we would have a different situation).

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