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SPIKE: Connect MARC Holdings record to FOLIO Holdings record



    • eHoldings Sprint 120
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      Background/Context: To support the display of MARC Holdings in FOLIO we must support the connection and mapping of MARC Holdings records stored in SRS with FOLIO Inventory Holdings records. In other words, we must support MARC Holdings in SRS as the underlying source for a FOLIO Inventory Holdings records. Again note that initially libraries will not use data import to upload holdings they will load holdings directly to the database.


      • Implement default mapping between MARC holdings to FOLIO Inventory holdings. Please see the FOLIJET Inventory Holdings from MFHD tab in this document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ac95azO1R41_PGkeLhc6uybAKcfpe6XLyd9-F4jqoTo/edit?usp=sharing. This would be parallel to the MARC Bib-to-Inventory Instance default mapping.
        • It appears this above holdings mapping document is not complete AND I will work with Ann-Marie and other folks to finalize
        • Final mapping may require additional fields to be added to the Inventory Holdings record
      • Mapping and connection to a MARC Holdings record to FOLIO - Inventory Holdings Record will occur upon creating and storing a new MARC Holdings record in SRS
      • When a FOLIO - Inventory Holdings record has underlying MARC Holdings record THEN the mapped fields are read only on the FOLIO - Inventory Holdings record AND record should have Source = MARC
        • On a FOLIO-Inventory Holdings record can edit un-mapped fields
        • Can only edit mapped fields on a quickMARC holdings record
      • Must provide a way for a library to modify default MARC holdings to FOLIO holdings mappings. For MARC bib a CLI has been provided. See this user story written for MARC holdings - https://issues.folio.org/browse/MODSOURMAN-263 - We must verify if this requirement is valid
      • Must confirm a match point between MARC holdings and FOLIO holdings records for the connection
      • Must support populating 999 ff $i? with Inventory Holdings record UUID
      • This requirement does not address how to handle when a library decides to move a Holdings record from one Bib record to another THAT will be handled with another story
      • Determine if there is a way to update an existing holdings record where by Source = FOLIO to become Source = MARC (maybe a separate story?)

      FOLIO Inventory Holdings record - Mockup


      • Assume that there is no change to how these values are populated and display on a holdings record today. Will display whatever is on the Inventory Instance record for title, publication, and publication date
      • Assume no change to how these values are populated and display on item record today
      • There should be no impact to FOLIO items record


      • Define technical approach and post details to confluence
      • Review technical approach with Spitfire, Folijet dev representative, Folijet PO, and Spitfire/Folijet SA
      • Identify work to be assigned to several teams
      • Create user stories


      up to 5 days

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