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Handling 001/003/035 handling in SRS for MARC bib records broken



    • Folijet Sprint 115, Folijet Sprint 116
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      NOTE: MODSOURMAN-479 and MODDICORE-141 may be duplicates. Review when work starts on this bug and decide if one or the other should be closed as a duplicate

      abreaux when this gets to Iris Bugfest, retest MODDICORE-141 also

      Video for Scenario 1: Overlay when Instance = FOLIO, and the overlay is creating a new SRS and updating the Instance

      • Everything is good with that scenario, except
      • The 001/003/035 manipulation doesn't happen. The existing OCLC 001/003 are still in the SRS MARC, instead of getting moved down to an 035 field, and the Instance HRID being placed in the 001 field

      And in the video for Scenario 2: Overlay when Instance = MARC

      • The Instance updates properly
      • The SRS record looks fine, except that the 003 field is still showing and should have been wiped out, or else combined with the incoming 001 to make an 035 field. The 001 of the updated record is fine - matches the Instance HRID
      • If go to View all in Data Import, and try to view the log -there is a record that was imported, but
        • It says Created for the SRS MARC and nothing for the Instance; both should say Updated (covered in MODSOURMAN-451)
        • When click to see the JSON details, there aren`t any details for the SRS MARC or the Instance
      • It didn't show on the video, but there are at the Developer Console for the SRS record
        • It is showing Generation = 0, but shouldn't it be Generation = 1? The whole record was updated, so that seems like a trigger for a new Generation to be assigned
        • No new SRS MARC ID was assigned, when it usually is.


      Note: It seems like this logic was created in the scope of MODSOURMAN-249.

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