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Create script for fixing invalid SRS instanceIDs



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      While resolving these issues: MODSOURCE-461, MODSOURCE-480 - it seems like there are a lot of records without "instanceId"-the field in DB. Because they were imported in an unexpected way. That`s why there should be added a script which should retrieve from 999ff$i value and set it to the "instanceId"-field to DB.

      Process to find invalid instances and then set the fields properly if there is a 999 ff $i, retrieve the UUID, and add to the specific column in the records_lb table. If that column is empty, user cannot View source or Edit in quickMARC

      Decide if API or just a script. If an API, then add a story for a separate permission, and user can run this script on demand (not from the UI). Then A-M would need to add to the permissions spreadsheet

      KS: Clarify the last point about the dedicated API for running migration script. Would it be enough to create a script and make a release note that it has to be run manually against the db after module is deployed? In order not to slow down the deployment. A-M: Yes, I think it's enough to have a script, not an endpoint

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