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View Source does not update when Data Import updates bib record



    • Folijet Sprint 112
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    • Folijet
    • R1 2021 Bug Fix
    • Cornell, Duke, Lehigh, MI State University/Library of Michigan, MO State, Simmons, University of Chicago, Warner, Washington-Jefferson


      Overview: When we overlay a bib record using Data Import, the Instance updates with the new data, but the View Source record retains the old version of the record. When you open the record with quickMARC however, the updated bib record appears for editing. Saving a change in quickMARC then pushes the updated record into View Source.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Iris bugfest
      2. Load a brief record (attached) via the default profile that creates an SRS MARC and instance
      3. Go to Inventory, confirm the instance was created, and copy the Instance HRID
      4. Update the attached MARC file called Full record
      5. Import the full record file, using the job profile called Match on 001 Instance UUID and update instance
      6. Verify job status is "completed."
      7. Look up record in Inventory, check for the "instance status updated" date/time and that other changes are present in instance record. 
      8. Click on Actions, "View source."

      Expected Results: View Source record should contain the full bib record from the Data Import job just run.
      Actual Results: View Source record contains the original brief bib

      Additional Information:  This appeared as UIIN-1125, but was closed last year when PO couldn't replicate. Duke (Leeda Adkins) can replicate in their local instance of Honeysuckle and the snapshot environments, by loading an EOCR with a system control number in the 035, then using a job profile that updates the instance after matching on the instance system control number identifier. Can provide sample records and profiles if needed.
      URL: https://issues.folio.org/browse/UIIN-1125
      Interested parties: abreaux lmccoll_lyu

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