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Performance issues with SRS requests when instance ID is not found



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      Requests to /source-storage/records/{instanceId}/formatted?idType=INSTANCE perform intermittently poorly if the instance ID is not found.
      Steps to Reproduce:
      Run a series of requests to /source-storage/records/{instanceId}/formatted?idType=INSTANCE using a list of instance IDs, some of which can be found in SRS, some of which are not there (e.g. use a randomly generated UUID).

      Expected Results:
      All requests should perform about the same (return results or 404 in < 500ms)

      Actual Results:
      Intermittently, "not found" responses have a very high latency (50 seconds or more). It seems that this can also affect subsequent responses that are successful ("found").

      A typical run of 100 requests with known UUIDs (all in SRS) gives this kind of result:

      Getting 100 instances (offset 5556568).............
      Made 100 lookup(s)
      100 found
      Min found resp time: 0.238017082214355
      Avg found resp time: 0.284714541435242
      Mean found time: 0.283137556338381
      Max found resp time: 0.367691993713379
      0 slow 'found' response(s)
      0 not found
      0 error(s)

      A typical run of 100 requests with ~25% random UUIDs gives this result:

      Getting 100 instances (offset 2510159).............
      Made 100 lookup(s)
      73 found
      Min found resp time: 0.237093925476074
      Avg found resp time: 1.76643755337963
      Mean found time: 0.338731567634563
      Max found resp time: 53.5151879787445
      4 slow 'found' response(s)
      27 not found
      Min not found time: 0.228291988372803
      Avg not found time: 4.32197585812321
      Mean not found time: 0.368457941181954
      Max not found time: 55.4095659255981
      2 slow 'not found' response(s)
      0 error(s)

      Additional Information:
      Tested against 2 Goldenrod installations and bugfest-honeysuckle.

      Sample test script attached.

      Interested parties:
      jeffrey.fleming@duke.edu karen.newbery

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