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If incoming MARC bib lacks 001, sometimes it is added and sometimes not



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      Overview: If a new incoming MARC Bib record does not have an 001 field, when it is imported via the secret button, an 001 field is added with the Instance HRID. If the same record is imported using a PubSub job profile, the 001 field is not added. Both imports create instances and populate the 999 ff field properly with SRS ad Instance UUIDs

      Current workaround Manual edit SRS MARC outside of FOLIO (since 001 cannot be edited via quickMARC

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Honeysuckle bugfest as abreaux/admin
      2. Create a field mapping profile for instances, with a catalog date and an instance status
      3. Create an action profile for Create instance and link the field mapping profile to it
      4. Create a job that only contains the Create instance action
      5. Upload the attached MARC file and import via the secret button
      6. Inspect the SRS MARC 001 and 999 ff fields
      7. Upload the same MARC file and import via the job profile you created in step 4
      8. Inspect the SRS MARC 001 and 999 ff fields

      Expected Results: Whether the file was imported via the secret button or the job profile, the newly-created SRS MARC should have an 001 field with the Instance HRID

      Actual Results: When imported via the secret button, the 001 field is added. When imported via the pubsub profile, the 001 is not added. In both cases, the instance is created, and the 999 ff fields are correct

      Additional Information: See attached MARC file and video

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