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Update MARC record with field protections - job failed



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      Overview: Not sure why this failed, but I may not have put together my match profile or job profile correctly.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Honeysuckle bugfest as abreaux/admin
      2. File was already loaded and produced instance with HRID ak00005508303. I loaded some data in the 901 and 902 fields
      3. Then updated the file to change the 901 and 902 data, and to add the 999 ff $s and $i
      4. Then added field protection settings for
        • 901 Ind 1/2 = **, Subfield = a, Data = *
        • 902 Ind 1/2 = 11, Subfield = *, Data = *
      5. Then created a field mapping profile called A-M test field protections part 2
        • With no settings (updating the whole MARC record, and not overriding the field protections)
      6. Then created an action profile called A-M test field protections 2 that updates MARC Bib, and linked to the above field mapping profile
      7. Then created a match profile called A-M test field protections 2 that matches MARC bib 999 ind 11 $s to the same in the existing MARC bib record
      8. Then created job profile called A-M test field protections 2 with the above match and action profile
      9. Loaded the attached revised MARC file
      10. Import immediately errored

      Expected Results: I think? the SRS MARC should be updated except for the protected fields

      Actual Results: It errored. Do I need an Instance action and field mapping profile too? Is there something wrong with the MARC match profile?

      Additional Information: See attached video and MARC file

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