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035 created from former MARC 001 not showing as an identifier in Inventory Instance



    • Folijet Sprint 95, Folijet Sprint 96
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    • Q2 2020 Hot Fix #2


      Overview: 035 created when 001 is replaced with Instance HRID does not show as an identifier in the Inventory Instance

      Current workaround: None

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Data Import
      3. Upload the attached MARC file, and import it using the secret button, to create instances
      4. View the import log - check to confirm that the 001 now contains the Instance HRID and the previous 001 was moved to an 035 field
      5. Go to Inventory and search for the record
      6. View source, and confirm that the 001 shows the Instance HRID, and there is an 035 with the previous 001 data
      7. View the identifier accordion in the Instance details

      Expected Results: The 035 created from the original 001 should show as a Resource identifier in the Instance

      Actual Results: It doesn't

      Additional Information: See attached MARC file and video

      NOTE This is not working on Goldenrod Bugfest environment either, so will probably need a hotfix Otherwise, will not be able to match on that 035/identifier for updating records.

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