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Handling item return notification



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      After an item is placed on the shelf, Remote Storage system notifies FOLIO the item is available again.
      In case the notification from Remote Storage was received and item still hasn't been checked-in to the service point associated with its effective location, FOLIO check it in automatically at its primary service point to complete circulation.

      FOLIO checks if new hold or recall requests have been created while an item was in transit home.
      If there are one or more open requests on an item, the first of them (in priority) is added to the remote retrieval requests queue to be sent to the Remote Storage System. Request status becomes “Open - In transit”, item’s status is kept as “In transit”.
      If an item is not requested, its status becomes “Available”.

      When "remote-storage/return" request is recieved the business flow should be the following:

      1. API in circulation should be called to retrive item hold/recall requests: "/circulation/requests/queue/SOME_ITEM_ID".
      2. Remote-storage module should take request only with position == 1. (Note: this should be done BEFORE check-in in primary SP of item location.)
      3. This request should be added to the retrieval queue (MODRS-6).
      4. There should be check-in in primary SP (call the service method, which is implemeted in MODRS-11).

      In remote-storage REST endpoint name should be "remote-storage/return/remoteStorageConfigurationId"

      Important note:
      The response of this method should contain an information whether there were a hold/recall requests.

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