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SPIKE: Investigate what's needed to support duplication of a MARC bib record



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      Currently, when we are in Inventory app and filter instances by "Source=MARC" - a list of results show up in the 2nd pane.
      Click on any record from the list and the individual instance opens up in the 3rd pane.
      When we go to "Actions" -> we see that there is an option "Edit in quickMARC". When we click on "Edit in quickMARC", this call is made to mod-quick-marc to get the record


      and when we click on "Save and Close" - this PUT call is made -


      As we can see, the GET and PUT is tied to an instance id.

      Now, we want to support the "Duplicate quickMARC record" workflow -

      Assume there is an option in the UI that says "Duplicate MARC bib record" - when user clicks on the option, the underlying MARC record opens up very similar to what happens when we click on "edit in quickMARC".


      When the user makes changes to the record and clicks "Save" -> Identify all the code changes that are needed to support duplication such that :
      1. It creates a new entry in SRS - Do we introduce a new POST endpoint in mod-quick-marc that interacts with SRS or do we interact directly with SRS/SRM? Does SRS/SRM provide the needed endpoints or do we have to develop those endpoints?
      2. It creates a new Inventory Instance record with Source = MARC(because it needs to show up when filtered on source=MARC) - At what point in the workflow is a new Instance record created? Are there endpoints that support creation of a new Inventory record?
      3. Once the new SRS record and inventory instances are created, the instance should also have a new HRID - At what point is a new HRID generated?

      Note that when the new Inventory instance and SRS records are created -
      1. The instance record should be returned in searches
      2. The instance record should be editable just like any other Instance record
      3. The underlying MARC record should be editable using the "Edit in QuickMarc" functionality - In short, all the currently supported actions in the "Actions" menu should be supported on the newly created Instance record

      Acceptance Criteria:

      1. Document findings on our Wiki
      2. Address questions included in UIQM-66
      3. Present findings to the team of what all endpoints need to be developed to support this workflow
      4. Stretch Goal: Once the findings are presented to the team, create implementation stories across modules to support this functionality.

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