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SPIKE: Investigate feasibility of local authority source support



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      Goal: Determine complexity of allowing for configuration of 001 generation (prefix + starting value) and adding the ability to select the desired authority source file at point of creation of new record (so the system would know how to generate the 001 per the configuration)


      • Currently, when a new authority record is imported, we look for a prefix in the 010 $a to assign the record to a corresponding Authority source. If a prefix does not exist in the 010 $a, we then look for a prefix in the 001. If none is found, "Not specified" is assigned.
      • In https://issues.folio.org/browse/UXPROD-3910, we are creating the functionality to allow users to create a new MARC authority record from the quickMARC UI. These records would likely be locally-defined, and there may or may not be a 010 field. Additionally, libraries are used to the 001 being an auto-generated, system control number that they do not manually update. Therefore, these records would likely be assigned the Authority source of "Not specified". There is an opportunity to allow users to create their own prefixes and define local authority sources, but we would still need a system-generated unique identifier.

      To Investigate:

      • Generating the 001 with a user-specified prefix and starting value (like HRID handling for other record types)
      • New configuration options to include specifying an Authority source file name and authority type
      • At point of creation, the user would need a way to indicate that a new authority record was to be generated as part of a specific authority source (so the system would know which prefix/control number to insert)

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