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Improve handling of erroneous MARC authority Leader positions that cannot be edited via quickMARC



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      Background: At this time, libraries load MARC authority record directly into SRS. We are now getting reports whereby libraries are loading records with erroneous MARC bib Leader positions 20-23 values. When the cataloger edits the record via quickMARC and hits Save then user receives an error message because the Leader positions 20-23 values are wrong AND since we do not allow for those positions to be updated, the cataloger has no choice but to use data import to update the values. 


      • Edit MARC authority record: When a SRS authority Leader field contains invalid values for the positions listed in the below table then update the leader positions with the valid values upon user hitting Save
      Leader position Valid value
      06 z
      07-08 System generated  (dev team will confirm if this is a valid requirement)
      09 /
      10 2
      11 2
      12-16 System generated  (dev team will confirm if this is a valid requirement)
      19 System generated  (dev team will confirm if this is a valid requirement)
      20 4
      21 5
      22 0
      23 0

      Acceptance criteria

      Given MARC authority record is loaded into the system with positions 20-23 values 

      position 20=4

      position 21 = e

      position 22 = /

      position 23 = 5

      or any invalid value in any of these positions

      When user edits the record 

      AND hits Save 

      AND the only quickMARC errors are found with positions 20-23 values :


      Then allow the save to be successful and update positions 20-23 values TO the only acceptable values:

      position 20=4

      position 21 = 5

      position 22 =  0

      position 23 = 0


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