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Improve handling of erroneous MARC bib Leader positions that cannot be edited via quickMARC



    • Spitfire Sprint 140
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    • Lotus R1 2022 Hot Fix #1
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      Background: At this time, libraries are load MARC bib record directly into SRS. We are now getting reports whereby libraries are loading records with erroneous MARC bib Leader positions 20-23 values. When the cataloger edits the record via quickMARC and hits Save then user receives an error message because the Leader positions 20-23 values are wrong AND since we do not allow for those positions to be updated, the cataloger has no choice but to use data import to update the values. 


      • Edit MARC Bib record: When a SRS bib Leader field contains invalid values for the positions: 00-04, 10-11, 12-16, 20-23 then update the leader positions with the valid values upon user hitting Save
      • Verify that Derive a new MARC bibliographic record also updates Leader position values to valid ones when invalid values have been saved. 
      Leader position Valid value
      10 2
      11 2
      12-16 System generated [number] - Length of Leader and Directory (dev confirm if this is a valid requirement)
      20 4
      21 5
      22 0
      23 0

      Acceptance criteria

      Given MARC bib record is loaded into the system with positions 20-23 values  

      position 20=4

      position 21 = e

      position 22 = /

      position 23 = 5

      or any invalid value in any of these positions

      When user edits the record 

      AND hits Save 

      AND the only quickMARC errors are found with positions 20-23 values :

       Then allow the save to be successful and update positions 20-23 values TO the only acceptable values:

      position 20=4

      position 21 = 5

      position 22 =  0

      position 23 = 0


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