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MARC holdings - Leader rules: Part 2



    • eHoldings Sprint 123
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    • R3 2021



      LDR 00241cx\\a2200109zn\4500

      MARC documentation

      Updated quickMARC - MARC holdings validation rules



      Character Positions Editable Display on quickMARC Details
      00-04 - Record length No Yes System generated, five-character number equal to the length of the entire record, including itself and the record terminator. The number is right justified and each unused position contains a zero.
      05 - Record status Yes Yes can only have one of the following statuses: c, d, n
      06 - Type of record Yes Yes can only have one of the following values: u, v, x, y
      07-08 - Undefined character positions No Yes System generated. Both are undefined; each contains a blank. Use character that indicates blank.
      09 - Character coding scheme No Yes System generated
      10 - Indicator count No Yes Indicator count is always 2.
      11 - Subfield code length No Yes Subfield code count is always 2.
      12-16 - Base address of data No Yes System generated [number] - Length of Leader and Directory
      17 - Encoding level Yes Yes can only have one of the following values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, m, u, z
      18 - Item information in record Yes Yes -
      19 - Undefined character position No Yes Undefined and contains a blank. Use character that indicates blank.
      20-23 - Entry map No Yes 20 position is Always a 4, 21 position is Always a 5., 22 position is Always a 0, and 23 position is always a 0.

      FOLIO display of Leader (LDR)

      TestRail: Results


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