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SPIKE: quickMARC Latency: quickMARC updates are not reflected on Inventory instance record



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      1. Go to https://folio-snapshot.dev.folio.org/ or https://bugfest-iris.folio.ebsco.com environment
      2. User has permission to edit a quickMARC bib record assigned
      3. Go to Inventory app
      4. Find a Source = MARC record
      5. Edit the record in quickMARC ... does not matter what field or whether you add one
      6. Hit Save
      7. View Source reflects change
      8. Edit in quickMARC reflects change

      Actual outcome: Inventory instance record does not reflect change UNLESS you refresh the page. OR the change takes more than 10 seconds to display.

      Expected outcome: Upon hitting save; all changes are reflected on the Inventory record AND it should not take a refresh to show changes.

      • A screenrecording is attached. Start at 2.45
      • Although this issue is happening on Iris bugfest environment, we need to test on snapshot or another environment to determine if we have already corrected this issue and thus need to include the fix in Iris Hotfix #2 OR if this is resolved with the change to Kafka then we should confirm.
      • This issue seems very similar to the issues we had with Edit/Derive quickMARC latency for the Iris release.
      • - This issue was reported by Cornell Univ who just had Iris hotfix #1 deployed to its environment.


      • Include architects
      • Define technical design and approach

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