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Do not change 006/00 value when editing/deriving quickMARC record



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      quickMARC, currently populates MARC tag 006/00 (form of material) value with either the MARC Tag Leader/06 (type of record)
      This should not be the case as there are many use cases whereby 006/00 (form of material) differs from Leader/06 (type of record). MARC Tag 006 is used to describe additional material that may be included with the title. For example, the library may purchase the book Twilight which includes an anniversary bonus musical CD. A librarian may use MARC tag 006 to describe the anniversary bonus musical CD.


      • quickMARC does not update any part of MARC 006 based on ANY MARC tag or value. In other words, remove the current logic that overrides MARC tag 006/00 with MARC Tag Leader/06
      • Ensure 006/00 value is returned in GET response /records-editor/records?instanceId= {instanceId}
      • See below code snippet.
        "Type": "j",

        represents how the 006/value should return in the response

        "tag": "006",
        "content": {
          "Type": "j",
          "Comp": "mu",
          "FMus": "a",
          "Part": " ",
          "Audn": " ",
          "Form": " ",
          "AccM": ["h", "i", "z", " ", " ", " "],
          "LTxT": ["n", " "],
          "TrAr": " "

      MARC Tag 006/00 values

      Code Description
      a Language material
      c Notated music
      d Manuscript notated music
      e Cartographic material
      f Manuscript cartographic material
      g Projected medium
      i Nonmusical sound recording
      j Musical sound recording
      k Two-dimensional nonprojectable graphic
      m Computer file/Electronic resource
      o Kit
      p Mixed material
      r Three-dimensional artifact or naturally occurring object
      s Serial/Integrating resource
      t Manuscript language material

      BUG - Steps to reproduce*

      1. Upload a MARC bib record with a 006/00 value
      2. Access record via Inventory
      3. Go to Actions > Edit in quickMARC or Derive a new MARC bib
      4. Update any MARC field except 006
      5. OR Add/remove a MARC field
      6. Hit Save & close
      7. Go to Actions > View Source

      Expected behavior: No change to 006/00 value

      Actual behavior: 006/00 is updated

      Acceptance criteria

      Given I have a MARC bib record that contains
      Leader/06 = c - Notated music
      006 /00 = j - Musical sound recording
      When I View Source
      Then this information should be retained

      Given I edit a MARC bib record that contains
      Leader/06 = c - Notated music
      006/00= j - Musical sound recording
      When I edit a MARC bib record via quickMARC AND hit Save
      Then the 006/form value should not be overridden by Leader/06

      Given I execute a GET response /records-editor/records?instanceId= {instanceId}
      That contains a MARC bib record with
      Leader/06 = c - Notated music
      006/00 = j - Musical sound recording
      THEN the GET response should include 006/00 = j - Musical sound recording
      AND applicable character positions.

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