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Import job gets stuck on folio-snapshot and folio-snapshot-load



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      Overview: I was trying to test MODDICORE-55, so created a new field mapping profile, linked to a new action profile, linked to a new job profile. Then uploaded the attached file (which only has 2 records). When I did, the file got stuck in the Running, and never finished. I tried in both folio-snapshot and folio-snapshot-load, with the same results.

      I noticed that the Sample Preview data is gone from the Data Import landing page is gone. Not sure if that has anything to do with this or not.

      See attached video, plus the steps to reproduce from MODDICORE-55, below..

      NOTE I tested using the same file, but the secret button instead of the PubSub job profile, and the import worked fine (with no field mappings).

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data import/Field mapping profiles
      3. Create a new field mapping profile
        • Name: Date picker else test
        • Incoming record = MARC Bibliographic and FOLIO record type = Instance
        • Only fill in the "Cataloged date" field by typing 902$a; else (with a [space] after else) and then using the dropdown and selecting "Choose date" and then selecting a date from the date picker
        • Save the new field mapping profile
      4. Go to Settings/Data import/Action profiles and create a new action profile
        • Name: Date picker create instance
        • Action = Create, Record = Instance
        • In associated field mapping profiles, find the field mapping profile you just created and link it
        • Save the new profile
      5. Go to Settings/Data import/Job profiles and create a new job profile
        • Name: Date picker else test
        • Match: None
        • Action: Find the action profile you just created and link it
      6. Go to Data Import and upload the attached file
      7. On the choose jobs page, pick the "Date picker test" profile and run the job
      8. Open the data import log and find the HRID or UUID of one of the titles in the file
      9. Go to Inventory, change your search option to HRID or UUID and search for the title
      10. Check the Cataloged date in the Instance

      Expected Results: It should be the date picker date. There's no 902$a in the MARC file, so the logic should go to the "else" date instead

      Actual Results: It's -

      Additional Information: See attached MARC file

      NOTE After this and UIDATIMP-509 are both fixed, change the Catalog date in your field mapping profile to 902$a; else ###TODAY### and load the file again. 902$a has no data, so in Inventory, the Catalog date should be today's date.

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