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Automated patron blocks not working on SNAPSHOT and BUGFEST



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      This bug won't be fixed until MODPUBSUB-147 is resolved.

      Overview: Cornelia Awenius (a BugFest tester) was trying out automated patron blocks on SNAPSHOT and noticed that they were not working properly. She then tested BugFest and had similar problems, so she reported the problem to Holly.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Holly tried various test cases and reported each one as a 'Comment' to this JIRA issue. She also reported Cornelia's original test cases.

      Cornelia and Holly have encountered issues with four of the six automated patron blocks -

      • Maximum number of items charged out
      • Maximum number of lost items
      • Maximum number of overdue items
      • Maximum outstanding fee/fine balance

      (There may also be issues with the other two (Maximum number of overdue recalls and Recall overdue by maximum number of days) but we have not encountered them.)

      TestRail: Results


          1. [MODINVSTOR-516] Cannot safely update holdings and items concurrently for any given instance - FOLIO Issue Tracker.url
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            Holly Mistlebauer
          2. [UXPROD-2831] Fill in and place the personal data disclosure form in all module repositories - FOLIO Issue Tracker.url
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            Holly Mistlebauer
          3. 1-Open-loans.jpg
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            Holly Mistlebauer
          4. 1-Patron-block-limits.jpg
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            Holly Mistlebauer
          5. 1-User-information-page.jpg
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            Holly Mistlebauer
          6. 2-Patron-block-limits.jpg
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            Holly Mistlebauer
          7. 3-Patron-block-limits.jpg
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            Holly Mistlebauer
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            Roman Barannyk
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            Roman Barannyk
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            Roman Barannyk
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            Holly Mistlebauer
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            Roman Barannyk
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            Roman Barannyk
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            Holly Mistlebauer

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