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Reduce delay from time lost item fee paid and automated patron block 'Maximum number of lost items' cleared



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      This bug was originally reported as MODPATBLK-38, but we decided to close that ticket and create this new one, given the cause of issue is different than originally thought and it is no longer a hotfix.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into https://bugfest-goldenrod.folio.ebsco.com/ as folio
      2. Go to Settings>Users>Patron blocks: Conditions and set a condition for 'Maximum number of lost items', putting a check next to all three Block 'actions' and entering a Message to be displayed
      3. Go to Settings>Users>Patron blocks: Limits and set a limit of 1 for Patron Group 'Graduate' for Maximum number of lost items
      4. Find an 'active' user that has a Patron Group of 'Graduate'
      5. Check out an item to the patron, making sure to use a Circ Rule that contains a Lost Item Fee Policy that will charge a Lost Item Fee (but not a Lost Item Processing Fee)
      6. From the patron's User Information page go to their Open loans page
      7. Click on the row for the item you just checked out for the patron, which will open Loan details
      8. Press the 'Declare lost' button
      9. You will see the Fee/Fine Incurred field populated with the Lost Item Fee
      10. Go back to the User information page and you will now see that the patron has a block due to having 1 lost item
      11. From the User information page, go to patron's Open fees/fines page
      12. Pay the Lost item fee, which will close the fee/fine and the loan, changing the item status to 'Lost and paid'
      13. Then close the Fees/Fines History page

      Expected Results:
      'Maximum number of lost items' block no longer appears on User information page

      Actual Results:
      'Maximum number of lost items' block still appears on User information page

      The User Information is being refreshed, but too soon. The delay from the time the lost item fee is paid and the automated patron block 'Maximum number of lost items' is cleared needs to be reduced so it happens before the User Information page is refreshed rather than after. We could do a delayed refresh, but what would the delay be? Each server could be different. Some may not experience this at all.

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