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Order export limit is preventing Large library from exporting orders



    • ACQ Sprint 130
    • 2
    • Thunderjet
    • Kiwi (R3 2021) Hot Fix #1
    • Exports must be limited to less than 20,000 POLs
    • Data related (ex. Can be detected with large dataset only)



      Library struggling with trusting result counts in the orders app; there are some cases where result counts seem to be accurate, but other times where it caps out at the nearest 1000 records exactly. It doesn't seem to happen when results exceed 1000 because when I select all orders (pending, open, and closed), I see an exact count (15,829 orders for MSU-LM), which matches the API total.

      However, when I select all orderlines, it caps at 20,000 results, though the API indicates an orderline count of 22,251. The problem is that the export of these results matches the result count in the UI, rather than the accurate count in the API. So the library cannot export all desired orders BUT they might think they are exporting all orders. 

      From MSU-LM data
      Orders - exact result count at 15,829 - matches API - export contains 15,821
      Order lines - capped at 20K; exact order line count is 22,251

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into some FOLIO environment as User X
      2. Create orders
      3. Create more than 20,000 order lines for the orders you created above
      4. Run a search in order ui that should return all orders
      5. Click export to csv

      Expected Results: All order lines are shown in result list even beyond 20,000 order lines. All order lines are included in export

      Actual Results: Ui only retrieves 20,000 orders lines and there related order records. Only 20,000 order lines are included in the export file.

      Additional Information: It is not clear whether this is a limitation of the infinite scroll component order something to do with the export implementation. Not the link below for bugfest-kiwi. The limit seems to be 20,000 until you add the "Awaiting receipt" filter to this search. We must double check that all order lines are actually returned and if there is a cap somewhere it should be removed.

      URL: https://bugfest-kiwi.folio.ebsco.com/orders/lines?limit=50&offset=0&receiptStatus=Receipt%20Not%20Required&receiptStatus=Pending&receiptStatus=Partially%20Received&receiptStatus=Ongoing&receiptStatus=Fully%20Received&receiptStatus=Cancelled
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