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Create Item Record in inventory for physical/electronic items quantity ordered that are not currently represented in inventory by an Item record



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      Purpose: Need a record in inventory linked to orders to understand what we currently have on order. Item records will also be important to Receiving and Checkin functions.

      High-Level Requirements:

      • One Item Record needs to be created in inventory per unit of physical/electronic quantity identified in the order record (full details are in MODORDERS-117).
      • Items need to be created within the Holding record that their unit of quantity has been associated with via the "Location" accordion on the PO Line.
        This is a link to the document that maps order data fileds to item record data fields. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kdYx63J0KoqR3-LUHuPAzERgj8WE0OQ08rzuCaJaHWs/edit#gid=952741439
      • Item records are created upon order transition to Open status
      • the UUID of the po_line should be set in the purchaseOrderLineIdentifier field in the item record (refer to MODINVSTOR-245 for more details).

      Data mapping between inventory (mod-inventory-storage) and acquisitions schemas based on following resources (to be used to create item in the inventory storage):

      Inventory schema property Inventory property type Value to be used
      holdingsRecordId string Created or retrieved prior to item creation
      status object with only one property name of "string" type without "enum" "on order" based on row #48 from Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements
      materialTypeId string
      Note: according to Resource_Format_MaterialType.xlsx complex object might be introduced at some point
      po_line.details.material_types which is array of the string id's. The first one will be used and the rest ignored
      permanentLoanTypeId string Loan types are available as reference-data: loan-types. This is required by the item.json schema (which contradicts to the information from Inventory Beta - Metadata Elements).
      The "Can circulate" loan type will be used
      MODINVSTOR-245 (WIP)
      string po_line.id

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • unit tests are updated (additional mocks required)
      • api tests are updated (additional test assertions and cleanup required)
      • item records are created as described above.

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