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Data corruption. When holding/item data are moved in Inventory, then the connected Order lines are not updated accordingly



    • Thunderjet
    • Poppy (R2 2023)
    • Chalmers, GBV, Simmons, University of Chicago


      Overview: When we did the work on UXPROD-137, then the appropriate dependency work outlined in UXPROD-1647 (umbrella feature) was not done. This lead us now to corrupt data when performing move of holdings and item.

      Use cases: (added by kmarti)

      1. A title is ordered as a separate monograph. When it arrives, it is actually a volume of a larger set and needs to be moved to the set record
      2. A title is ordered is a second copy, but is accidentally placed on a record-bearing account, so a separate catalog record is supplied for it. It needs to be moved to a different record so both copies are associated with the same instance.

      Potential workarounds

      1. When moving holdings or items, and any of the items have status of On order, then add a receiving note in the associated order that reminds the receiver or cataloger to delete the stray holdings/item that will currently be created by the receiving process (until Thunderjet can do the dev work in R2 2021) to change POL links when holdings/items are moved. Then, when the material is received, user will see the receiving note, and know to delete the holdings/item inadvertently created in the wrong instance during receiving, and update the proper holdings/item on the other instance.
      2. Another interim workaround, until Thunderjet can do the related POL dev work, would be for Inventory to disallow holdings with any items with status of On order" or individual items with status of *On order from being moved.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO Snapshoten as diku_admin, which is a user who have permission to perform move of holdings, and item
      2. Go to Orders. Create a new order, and connect it with any given instance (here we use: The Girl on the train). Create PO lines, and order 4 copies. Place two copies at Main library, and two copies at Annex.
      3. Switch the Order from Pending to Open.
      4. Go to Inventory, and search for the given instance title, and check the 4 newly added items, which have item status as On order, and barcode displayed as No barcode.
      5. Go to the Action menu, and select Move holdings, item to another instance
      6. In the search modal, just pick any instance record (here we use: Bridget Jones's Baby: the diaries)
      7. Move one of the newly added holdings with the associated two items with item status On order from the left side of the screen to the instance on the right side of the screen
      8. Go back and verify the changes in Inventory - in both records
        • The Girl on the train
        • Bridget Jones's Baby: the diaries
      9. Go to the Orders app, and now check the order record again and the Order line, with the 4 newly ordered items

      Expected Results: We see data to be updated accordingly. And in the original Order record then only two new items should be displayed on the record. The other holdings with two associated items would be associated with an order record, holdings data about an instance Bridget Jones's Baby: the diaries.
      Actual Results: The order record does not reflect the moved of holdings and items done in Inventory.

      Additional Information:
      URL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18aj_TXhweUAAhT9qMwrp6gK7q316RNYsXr8y11wWr90/edit#

      Interested parties: christie dennisbridges

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