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Invoice payment failed if related order was opened after invoice approval



    • ACQ Sprint 134
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    • Thunderjet
    • Lotus (R1 2022) Bug Fix
    • Release encumbrances manually.
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      Overview: Invoice payment fails in case of changing funds and opening order after invoice approval.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into any FOLIO environment as a user with admin permissions.
      2. Create an order and order line with fund distribution (fund X).
      3. Open order.
      4. Unopen order.
      5. Create an invoice and add order line from step 2 as invoice line.
      6. Change order line fund distribution to a different fund (fund Y).
      7. Approve invoice.
      8. Open order.
      9. Check fund Y.
      10. Pay invoice.
      11. Check fund Y.

      Expected Results:

      Invoice Payed. Encumbrance for fund Y not released unless invoice triggers order close logic based on POL statuses.

      Note: encumbrances are released when invoices are approved. If the order is encumbered after the invoice is approved it would be difficult to determine in what use cases encumbrance should still be released and this would require new logic at the invoice Payment step.

      Actual Results:

      Error toast message with text 'One or more transactions record(s) failed to be created' is displayed. Invoice wasn't paid.

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