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Unexpected jump in POL number on 2 line PO



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    • MI State University/Library of Michigan


      Overview: Michigan State reported that a staff member created a PO on 3/15/21 at 4:14 PM EDT on the tenant : https://michstate-lm-test.folio.ebsco.com 

      The order contains two POL: the first is 10371-1 and the second jumps up to 10371-34, instead of incrementing by 1. I tried to unopen the order to add a new POL and see what happened, but receive the 'order could not be saved' anti-toast.The PUT request receives a 422 status code with the following network response:
       "errors" : [ {
       "message" : "{\n \"errors\" : [

      {\n \"message\" : \"Number of order transactions have to be greater than 0\",\n \"code\" : \"invalidOrderTransactionCount\",\n \"parameters\" : [ ]\n }

      ],\n \"total_records\" : 1\n}",
       "code" : "genericError",
       "parameters" : [ ]
       } ],
       "total_records" : 1

      The library reported that this jump in POL number has been an isolated incident and I have been unable to reproduce. However, if you can shed any light on what may have happened here and why the order will not allow unopening, I'd appreciate it. The staff member who created the order indicated that she created only the two lines; she did not create/delete any in between.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Could not reproduce

      Expected Results: The second POL would have the PO number 10371-2.
      Actual Results: The second POL jumped to 10371-34.
      Additional Information: At the time of the order, the tenant was on Honeysuckle GA. They are now on Honeysuckle HF #3 with Orders Business Logic Module (mod-orders-11.1.3). Have notified Victoria Rabykina who is investigating with her team. Ann-Marie suggested a Jira bug to capture the behavior in case this comes up again so we can determine a pattern if there is one.
      Interested parties: abreaux Kay Granskog

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