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Investigate invoice approval error



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      Overview: Investigate invoice approval error for MSU
      I have an invoice which will not approve. I deleted the invoice & entered it again with the same error result. Then I tried a different invoice with a single invoice line and it approved & paid ok. Fund Records associated with the problem invoice appear to have adequate funds available. Has the issue with no more than 10 lines surfaced again? The only other thing I can think of is I originally had a decimal typo in Invoice Line 10403-16 which resulted in a cost of something like $6,048.90 instead of $48.90. Although that dollar amount appeared to correct properly, perhaps the system hung up somehow since a $6,000 plus amount would have exceeded the Fund's allocation.

      Error message from Backend:
      "errors" : [

      { "message" : "Failed to create pending payment", "code" : "pendingPaymentError", "parameters" : [ ] }

      "total_records" : 1

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Login to Folio Goldenrod
      Create Po and POL
      Make sure at least one Fund distribution on order
      Open order
      Edit order line and change Fund ID to different Fund
      Save and close

      Expected Results: Encumbrance is updated, moved to new Fund and order line is saved successfully

      Actual Results: Goldenrod: POL is saved with new Fund ID BUT encumbrance remains on previous Fund. Honeysuckle: POL cannot be saved, error shown "One or more fund distribution(s) on this order can not be encumbered, because there is no current budget". However, the Fund DOES have a current budget with enough money.

      Additional Information:
      Vendor Invoice number 700589
      Folio Invoice number 10403
      msu production environment

      Interested parties: TLPatton

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