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Order created via the GOBI Order API does not create Inventory records



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      Overview: GOBI-FOLIO order created via the Order API does not create Inventory records.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log onto GOBI on account 8910
      2. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      3. Find a title and create an order on GOBI, selecting subaccount 8910-22, fund USHIST, Location KU/CC/DI/M
      4. Once ordered, switch to FOLIO Orders app, and look up the newly-created POL
      5. Check the "Create inventory" field of the order - it should say Instance, Holdings, Item
      6. Check the title in the POL to see if it is a hotlink to the Instance
      7. Switch to Inventory and search for the title in Inventory

      Expected Results: The Instance, Holding, and Item should be created in Inventory, and the title should look like a hotlink in the POL

      Actual Results: The POL was created, but none of the Inventory work happened

      Additional Information:
      See comments below for additional context. It appears that we're missing at least one module permission: finance.budgets.collection.get. This is preventing orders from being opened unless the user opening the order has this permission. The following was logged by mod-gobi, which places orders in Open status using the institutional user which typically has much more constrained permissions than diku_admin:

      java.util.concurrent.CompletionException: org.folio.gobi.exceptions.HttpException:  {
        "endpoint": "/orders/composite-orders/9d076aa8-e513-4499-afab-2977971e349b",
        "statusCode": 403,
        "errorMessage": {
          "errors" : [{
            "message" : "Access requires permission: finance.budgets.collection.get",
            "code" : "genericError",
            "parameters" : [ ]
          "total_records" : 1

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