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PO with a POL whose productID has a paren, copied/edited from Instance cannot be saved



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      Overview: If you create a POL with data from an Inventory Instance but then change that data such that the UUID is wiped out, but the data has a Product ID containing a parenthesis, then you cannot save/open the PO

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot as diku_admin
      2. Go to the order app
      3. Create a PO
      4. Create a POL and populate the bib data from an Inventory Instance ("accidental atheist" title)
      5. Remove a contributor, or edit the title slightly, which should make the Instance UUID disappear
      6. Save the POL
      7. Open the PO

      Expected Results: The PO should Open

      Actual Results: There's a message "PO cannot be saved".

      Additional Information: See attached video. From piotr_kalashuk in the comments: Looks like parentheses in the productId should be somehow be escaped when building CQL query to inventory storage.

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          1. accidental_atheist_instance.png
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            Piotr Kalashuk
          2. InventoryIdentifierWithParentheses.png
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            Piotr Kalashuk
          3. Inventory with paren.PNG
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            Ann-Marie Breaux
          4. OpenOrderWithParenthesis.png
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            Varun Javalkar
          5. PO cannot be saved.mp4
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            Ann-Marie Breaux
          6. POL with paren.PNG
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            Ann-Marie Breaux
          7. ProductIdWithParenthesisSearch.png
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            Varun Javalkar
          8. Try to open this one.PNG
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            Ann-Marie Breaux

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