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Implement receiving flow for E-only



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      Add business logic for receiving electronic orders

      • Piece records are always updated - status, date received, etc.
      • If the piece record contains a itemId, the item record should be updated - barcode, status (Received)
        • The location provided should be used to find an item in the appropriate holding to update. No location fields need to be set/updated in the item record at this time.

      Additional Context/Background:

      Order with one line of "Electronic resource" format. Total quantity of expected items 10. The "Create Item" is unchecked. There is no Instance for such resource in the Inventory.
      User specified 2 different location:

      Location A - quantity 1
      Location B - quantity 9
      When order moves to Open:

      0 instance created
      0 holdings created
      0 items created
      10 pieces created without any linkage to Inventory
      When user starts receiving flow, the information on the screen will display only one raw:

      PO Line Title PO Line number Received Date Ordered Receiving Receiving Notes Status
      Some title CO11189-1 0/10 2/9/2019   First we want to receive a few of resources for Location B Expected

      User wants to receive 2 resources for Location B.

      Dennis Bridges:
      I’ll have to come back to this but for electronic resources I believe the holding does provide some information regarding access. If there is no instance it is likely because they are managing the resource in ERM or Eholdings and if they “receive/checking” it would simply be for audit purposes to confirm the actually have access to it. In that case ERM would know the status of the order and the resource.
      They would then “access the ordered electronic resource” through the knowledge base. I hope I understood the question and that this provides some clarity.

      Ann-Marie Breaux:
      For electronic resources, the URL is specified either in the Instance or more commonly in the holdings record. Think of the URL as the electronic equivalent of the call number for a physical resource.

      Craig McNally:
      Once the user enters the quantity they want to receive (2 in this example), they update item modal is shown. This is where location is selected. In this case there would be 2 rows in the table, and the user would select location B from the drop-down list on both rows. If item records were associated with these pieces, a barcode would be entered for each as well. Upon submission, the mod-orders receive endpoint would be called.

      Title Barcode Location Item Status
      Some title   Location B Received
      Some title   Location B Received

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • receiving flow is implemented for electronic orders
      • unit tests are updated
      • api tests are updated

      See https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1se-a2owRfHLG5eaAZglx4vLvRClCKGp2wZCfD39ZJRY/view#gid=894044560 for complete API listing

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