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      Currently location is a single sub-object field in poLine. In order to support an order line which spans multiple locations, we need to make this repeatable (an array of location sub-objects).

      Involves work in acq-models, as well as the mod-orders code. The main changes in the business logic:

      • Validation
        • locations should be required depending on order_format (see MODORDERS-117 for details)
        • physical/electronic quantity should depend on PO Line's order_format (see MODORDERS-117 for details)
        • sum of physical quantity of all locations must not exceed cost.quantity_physical
        • sum of electronic quantity of all locations must not exceed cost.quantity_electronic
      • Inventory
        • One Holding should be created (if not yet exists) per each location
        • Items should be created (if not yet exists) per each location depending on physical and/or electronic quantity

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • the schemas and examples are updated
        • composite_po_line
        • po_line
        • composite_purchase_order (examples)
        • composite_po_line_collection (examples)
        • po_lines_collection (examples)
      • mod-orders code is updated
        • only valid combination of order_format and physical/electronic quantity of cost and locations objects results to success processing, otherwise 400 (Bad Request) with error is returned
        • In case Inventory interaction required, a holding is created per location and corresponding amount of items linked to holding
      • unit tests are updated
      • api tests are updated

      Affected modules:

      • mod-gobi
      • ui-orders
      • mod-orders-storage

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