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Implement GET /orders/order-lines endpoint



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      Method Path Request Response Storage Path
      GET /orders/order-lines CQL query arg po_line_collection /orders-storage/po-lines

      To do:

      • Due to naming collisions in the model classes generated by RMB (jsonschema2pojo plugin) the acq-models PR #48 needs to be merged. Once this is done the following modules have to be updated to consume schema change:
        • UI orders app
        • mod-gobi
      • Update order.raml
        • Update types adding/updating:
            po-line-collection: !include acq-models/mod-orders-storage/schemas/po_line_collection.json
            po-line: !include acq-models/mod-orders-storage/schemas/po_line.json
            composite-po-line: !include acq-models/composite_po_line.json
        • Add new endpoint definition
        • Update existing endpoint definitions to consume composite-po-line type
      • Update ModuleDescriptor-template.json adding new GET /orders/order-lines endpoint definition and required permissions
      • Business logic updates
        mod-orders should re-translate the incoming request to mod-orders-storage with some notes:
        • The offset, limit and lang parameters should be added as is to the storage's request
        • In case the request does not contain query parameter or it is empty, query must not be added to the storage's request
        • In case the request contains not empty query parameter, the value has to be encoded and resulting query parameter added to the storage's request
        • GET request should be sent to /orders-storage/po-lines endpoint and the resulting response should be returned back to client as is

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • New endpoint is implemented
      • Unit tests are added
      • API tests are updated

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