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Permission “Check out: All permissions” does not allow sending a check out notice, when check out session is left to expire



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      Overview: When a staff user only has the permission "Check out: All permissions", then a check out notice is not sent if the check out session is left to expire.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Login to Nolana bugfest with a user like folio/folio
      2. Create a patron notice policy that includes a check out notice
      3. Add that notice policy to the circ rule of the item you will check out.
      4. Then, with a user that only has the permission: “Check out: All permissions”, check out that item
      5. DO NOT close the session, but wait for it to expire.

      Expected Results:
      GIVEN: A staff user with only the permission “Check out: All permissions” + an item, whose circ rule includes sending a check out notice,
      WHEN: I check an item out and let the check out session expire,
      THEN: A check out notice should be sent out when the checkout session expires.

      Actual Results: The check out notice never gets sent.

      Additional Information:{}

      • This works when I end the session.
      • This doesn't seem to stop other notices getting sent (I tried with loan due date/time triggers)


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