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Technical Design: Local Password Rules Parameters/Configuration



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    • Depends on where configuration lies. Tenant level may represent default configuration and in a future release, will support the ability for tenants to make updates via UI.
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      As a Folio System Administrator
      I want to enforce strong local password rules
      So that the ability for someone to illegally access or brute force attack Folio is minimized.


      • Implementation needs to be flexible to make global password requirement updates (e.g. minimum requirement)
      • Implementation need to be flexible to support tenant level password requirement updates based on an institution's requirements.
      • For users that had access when no password rules were implemented, ensure that have access as long as status = active.
        • if the status changed from inactive to active then force the user to comply with current password requirements.
        • Otherwise all new users must comply with new rules

      Valid password requirement rules

      • Has a minimum 8 characters (frontend)
      • Contains both lowercase and uppercase letters (frontend)
      • Contains at least one numeric character (frontend)
      • Contains at least one special character (frontend)
      • Is not your username (backend)
      • Is not on the bad passwords list(s) (UIU-509) (frontend)
      • Cannot be a word in a TBD dictionary (UIU-509) (frontend)
      • Is not a keyboard sequence (ex. 123456) (frontend)
      • Is not the same character (ex. BBBBBBB) (frontend)
      • Is not one of the last 10 previously used password (UIU-510) (backend)

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