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Titles Results List & Packages+Titles plug-in : Implement a Packages filter



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      Problem: FOLIO eholdings app users require an easy way to identify the packages that they want to select title(s). Current UX is not optimal when user is searching a title then wants to select the title in a package. It is a frustrating experience and even more so when attempting to associate a package title to an Agreement. 

      As a electronic resource librarian using the FOLIO eholdings app
      I want to easily find the packages that I want to select a title OR edit package-title information 
      So that I do not waste time  

      Pages to implement

      Mockup of Packages filter on Packages and Titles plug-in UI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W9a54d17quD9Y8fxoUldoTgo7FfP1o39/view?usp=sharing

      GET eholdings/titles endpoint - https://s3.amazonaws.com/foliodocs/api/mod-kb-ebsco-java/titles.html#eholdings_titles_get

      EBSCO holdingsIQ documentation: https://developer.ebsco.com/knowledge-services/holdingsiq/reference#/Title%20Resources/get__custid__titles__kbid_

      HoldingsIQ - GET titles https://api.ebsco.io/rm/rmaccounts/apidvcorp/titles/?search=ocean&searchfield=3&packageidfilter=554,5654&orderby=relevance&count=5&offset=1

      Response attached


      • Filter title results by package(s)
      • Filter supports selecting multiple packages. Each selection is OR'd
      • This filter must work in tandem with searching titles
      • This filter must work in tandem with selection status
      • This filter must work in tandem with resource type

      Acceptance criteria

      Given I want to find the title Nature in the Springer Nature Journals package
      When I enter the search [Nature] AND filter Package to Springer Nature Journals then only show titles that contain Nature that are in the Springer Nature Journals package

      Given I want to filter to all selected titles with a title that contains the term Nature in the Springer Nature Journals package
      When I enter the search term and make the Package and holding status = Selected
      Then only return titles that contain Nature THAT is in the Package Springer Nature Journals WITH holding status = Selected

      Given I want to find all titles with sports in the Springer Nature Journals package AND Academic Search Premier
      When I select Springer Nature Journals AND Academic Search Premier in the Package filter
      Then only display the titles that contain sports in Springer Nature Journals package OR Academic Search Premier package

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