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Tags | Single Tenant + Multiple Libraries| Assigned tags must be tied to library/institution



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      As Jack (UMASS electronic resource librarian) whose library is a part of the Five Colleges consortia
      I want to only see tags I assigned to my UMASS holdings
      So that I do not impact any other library's workflows


      • This requirement applies to a single tenant that
        • has multiple libraries
        • with multiple EBSCO KBs/eholdings
        • AND/OR do not share patrons OR funds
      • With eholdings app notes and tags are assigned to the resource. With a single tenant, when we switch EBSCO KB API credentials, notes and tags remain attached. Notes and tags cannot persist and must account for a single tenant with multiple libraries with different EBSCO KB API credentials.
      • Notes and Tags must be tied to the resource AND a unique library ID.

      Acceptance Criteria

      Given I am Jack at UMASS
      AND I am viewing the UMASS eholdings
      When I add or update or remove a tag on resource
      Then it should only be reflected on that resource in UMASS eholdings

      Given I am Jack at UMASS
      When I view Mt. Holyoke's eholdings
      Then I should only add or update or remove tags on a resource in Mt. Holyoke's eholdings
      AND it should not be reflected on the same resource in UMASS eholdings

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