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SPIKE: Notes Support (backend)



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      Notes are desired by library staff using the Folio eholdings app to record vendor, staff, and patron correspondences. Notes should be:

      • Internal Staff Only
      • Able to create/edit and assign a note(s) to the following eholdings records
        • Provider Records
        • Package Records
        • Title Records
        • Title+Package Records
      • Can add as many notes as desired
      • Can assign/unassign the same note to multiple packages, titles/resources
      • Allow user to search for Notes
      • Allow user to delete a Note
        • Proposed Note fields
        • Note Type (dropdown)
        • Note Title (text box)
        • Note Details (textbox that supports a large # of characters)
      • Create/Edit a note should support a date/time created and updated stamp
      • Display last person to save record
      • Notes Details may support a WYSIWIG

      Additional comments

      • A Notes helper app was implemented but due to significant defects it was recently disabled. Defining requirements for this feature will require reviewing the helper app to determine at what level does it align with expectations.
      • Also several apps have requested/implemented Notes fields including (Inventory App - Instance and Holdings records). Will need to review and determine if expectations align.

      Spike Questions to Answer

      • How can we store notes?
      • Can we use existing modules to store notes or model our storage?
      • How/where can we store the relationship between a note and the associated provider/package/title?
      • Can we use existing notes backend modules as a basis for Notes CRUD?
      • How can the eholdings app support searching packages/providers/titles based on notes? For example, how can a user find all packages that include the word 'purchased' or 'trial ends'?
      • Any opportunity to extend an existing EBSCO API to support Notes?

      Spike Deliverables

      • Answer above questions
      • Define a technical approach to support Notes functionality outlined
      • Create user stories based on technical approach and findings
      • Document findings on confluence and present to team

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