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Settings > Reference Data > Create a pre-defined Authority Source file list



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      Context: Catalogers want a way to know the source of their authority records. They want a facet/filter that provides them the ability to only view records of the selected source or sources. This knowledge may prove important to our team in supporting the link between bibliographic records and authority records.'


      • Store a pre-defined list of identifying prefixes (aka codes), Authority source files, and Type
      • Each identifying prefix (code) is unique and can be assigned to only one Source file (see list below)
      • identifying prefix (code)  is the "alpha value" of the 001 and 010$a
      • identifying prefix (code) is case insensitive
      • Development should consider that additional rules will added to this implementation
      • Each Source file can only be assigned to one Authority type (see below list)
      • New Settings Page
        • First pane: MARC authority
        • Second pane: Authority source files
      • Column headings: Name, Code, Type
        • Name = Authority source file name 
        • Code = identifying prefix 
        • Type = Type of authority records stored in source file
      • Sort by Name
      • The list provided below cannot be edited or deleted by user
      • The list provided below is reference data must be included in every FOLIO install and upgrade

      Predefined list

      Identifying prefix (code) : MARC authority fields: 001 prefix and/or 010 $a Source file name Authority type
      n,nb,nr,no LC Name Authority file (LCNAF) Names
      sh LC Subject Headings (LCSH) Subjects
      sj LC Children's Subject Headings Subjects
      gf LC Genre/Form Terms (LCGFT) Subjects
      dg LC Demographic Group Terms (LCFGT) Subjects
      mp LC Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music (LCMPT) Subjects
      fst Faceted Application of Subject Terminology (FAST) Subjects
      D Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Subjects
      lcgtm, tgm Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (TGM) Subjects
      rbmscv Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) Subjects
      aat, aatg Art & architecture thesaurus (AAT) Subjects
      gsafd GSAFD Genre Terms (GSAFD) Subjects

      More details posted- https://wiki.folio.org/display/FOLIJET/Managing+Authority+source+files

      Example of the data to populate in this list (will ask Kimie to create a UI design to support entering new codes using multi-select like tags.) 

      Name Code Type
      LC Name Authority file (LCNAF) n, nb, nr, no Names
      LC Subject Headings (LCSH) sh Subjects

      Acceptance Criteria 

      • Endpoint created and reference data populated
      • Authority schema is updated with new 'sourceFileId' field
      • Write Karate tests


      Scenario 1

      • Given I have permission to view a pre-defined list of Authority source files
      • When I go to Settings >MARC authority > Authority source files 
      • Then show the list of supported Authority source files with
        • the following columns, Name, Code, Type 
        • AND the user will not be able to edit or delete any row on the predefined list  

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