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Holdings update job finished with errors when it shouldn't have



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      Overview: Imported a file to create instance, holdings, and item. Then exported those records with Holdings HRID in 900$a. Updated the holdings records to add a default call number suffix. All holdings records should have been updated, but a bunch were not, and showed "no record found" for the holdings record, even though the holdings records definitely existing and the match was correct. I'm not sure if it's related, but the update import also took 20 minutes to run, which seems much longer than usual.

      Current workaround: manual updates

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO-snapshot-load as diku_admin
      2. Go to Settings/Data Import
      3. Create 1st field mapping profile
        • Create instance
        • Cat date = ###TODAY###
        • Instance status = Cataloged
      4. Create 2nd field mapping profile
        • Create holdings
        • Holdings type = Monograph
        • Permanent Location = Select Main
        • Call number type = Library of congress classification
        • Call number = 050$a " " 050$b
      5. Create 3rd field mapping profile
        • Create item
        • Material type = book
        • Permanent loan type = Can circulate
        • Status = Available
      6. Create action profiles for Create Instance, Create Holdings, and Create Item, and link each of the above field mapping profiles
      7. Create job profile for creating Instance, then holdings, then item
      8. Import the attached file with the newly created job profile
      9. Once imported you should see 259 SRS MARC, Instances, Holdings, and Items created successfully
      10. Go to Settings/Data Export
      11. Create a field mapping profile
        • Name= Holdings HRID
        • FOLIO record type = SRS (entire record) and Holdings
        • Output format = MARC
        • Transformations = Holdings HRID in 900 [blank] [blank] $a
      12. Create a job profile
        • Name = Bib + Holdings ID
        • Attach the mapping profile you just created
      13. Go to Inventory
      14. Change the search to Subject
      15. Search for Call number suffix
      16. That should retrieve the 259 records you just imported
      17. Go to Actions/Save instances UUIDs
      18. That will create a delimited file to use for Data Export
      19. Go to Data Export and upload that delimited file
      20. Use the newly created Bib + Holdings ID export profile to export the records
      21. Once the file is ready, download the MARC file, and check to ensure that Holdings HRIDs are in 900$a
      22. Go to Settings/Data Import
      23. Create match profile
        • Name = Holdings HRID 900$a
        • Incoming record = MARC Bib
        • Existing record = Inventory Holdings
        • MARC field: 900 * * a
        • Exactly matches: Admin data: Holdings HRID
      24. Create a field mapping profile
        • Name = Add call number suffix
        • FOLIO record type = Holdings
        • Call number suffix = "BIG"
      25. Create an action profile
        • Name = Add call number suffix
        • Action = Update
        • FOLIO record type = Holdings
        • Attached the field mapping profile you just created
      26. Create a new job profile
        • Name = Add call number suffix to Holdings
        • Add match profile: Holdings HRID 900$a
        • If matches, add action profile: Add call number suffix
      27. Go to Data Import
      28. Upload the MARC file that was exported in steps 20-21
      29. Select the Add call number suffix to Holdings job profile
      30. Run the import

      Expected Results: All holdings should be updated with the suffix indicated in the update profile

      Actual Results: Some were not updated, even though the match info was available; see attached video - the discarded holdings show that the record was not found. But when I searched Inventory, I found the Holdings, and it had an HRID that matched the Holdings HRID in the incoming MARC file

      Additional Information: See attached video and MARC file

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