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Add Related instances relationship type reference record API



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      Purpose: (taken from UIIN-340) Enhance the functionality in Instance record, accordion Related instances with associating Related instances by using the instance look-up component - similar to what has been implemented for e.g. Instance relationship.

      Use case: (taken from UIIN-340)

      1. As a cataloger I want to associate related titles to my instance record. A typical example can be, different editions, different material type; e.g. the printed version, of the audio book being cataloged, or the movie on dvd based on a printed book (the novel) etc.
      2. As a cataloger I find the related instances by using the instance look up component which search within Inventory to find, e.g. the audio book version of 'The girl on the train'


      Refer to UIIN-340 and UIIN-231 for how this will be used in the UI.

      Work Scope:

      • Introduce a new reference record API (similar to instance relationship types) for related instance relationship types
      • Add reference data for the following relationship types:
        • Available in another form
        • Constituent unit
        • Data source
        • Has subseries 
        • Has supplements
        • In
        • Issued with
        • Main series
        • Other edition available
        • Related item
        • Supplement to
        • Translated as
        • Translation

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